Logos & Guidelines

Which logo do I use?

All of the logos below are authorized for use in Texas State communications.

A logo should appear on:

  • the front or back of printed materials
  • the first or last slide of presentation materials
  • the last frames of a video for at least three seconds
  • all university webpages

Consider your audience

Consider your audience and your message when choosing which logo to use.

Use only one

Do not use multiple Academic and Administrative logos on one piece. Instead, use the Primary Texas State University logo and list the sponsoring departments in text.

Do not use the Seal

The University Seal is used to authenticate the highest official university documents, special occasions, and events. Do not use the University Seal in your communications.


Texas State University primary logo
Primary & Secondary
Texas State School Of Music logo
Academic & Administrative
Round Rock logo
Round Rock
Texas State Athletics primary logo
All Athletics

System Logos

Looking for the Texas State Member Statement logo? View TSUS Logos

University Policy

UPPS 01.04.11: Guidelines for Texas State Logo Usage

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