Marq Templates

Marq is a limited access tool that allows our university partners to easily and quickly create professional design products that reflect our brand’s bold look and feel.

Example of a Marq template being shown on a computer screen.

Many templates available

University Marketing has created a variety of templates in Marq, including brochures, posters, flyers, and social media graphics.

Request Access

Marq seats are allocated on a case-by-case basis and are assigned for a specific amount of time to complete a project.

Please fill out this form to inquire about seat availability. Please allow 2-3 business days for a response.

do not distribute marq pdfs online

Documents posted on Texas State University websites must meet accessibility requirements. PDFs created in Marq will not meet these requirements. University Marketing recommends using TXST websites or social media channels to effectively distribute information online.

Check Your Spelling and Grammar

You are responsible for checking the spelling, grammar, and style of your document in Marq. Our Writing Guidelines and Editorial Style Guide can help you achieve a strong TXST voice.

You are also responsible for ensuring that any information you use in your publication — including phone numbers, email addresses, dates, and website links — is accurate.

University Marketing Review Process

A University Marketing designer will review your project before you're allowed to download your files. We'll review for brand compliance and may offer some design suggestions. We won't be reviewing spelling, grammar, or facts, so make sure to look over your writing before you send your project to review.

To initiate the review process, click on the request approval button in the top right corner of the Marq editor. Please allow 5-7 business days for University Marketing to review your publication.

Blue button labeled "Request Approval"

Approval button

Use this button when your project is ready for University Marketing to review.

Printing Process

When your project is approved, you can download print-ready files with crop marks and send them to any of the four university-preferred vendors to print your project:

University Print & Mail Services






Color Art


Marq training resources

Get started with Marq by reviewing the training materials on their help website.

We highly recommend reviewing:

Best Practices

Know Your Audience

  • Select the medium, color theme, and photos that best suit your audience.
  • Condense your copy and strengthen headlines to speak to your audience.

Collect Your Content

  • Create a project folder.
  • Have final content, social media handles, and contact information on hand.
  • Make sure your copy is accurate and check your style and grammar.

Condense Copy

  • Only use the most relevant information.
  • Have one primary call to action.

Read the Notes

  • Pay attention to the notes located on the sides of the pages and attached to some content areas.

Consider Photography

  • When in doubt, use campus photos.
  • Consider the orientation (horizontal or vertical) of the photo box.

Access Our Photo Collection

  • Use our extensive photography collection by selecting Canto in the Images manager.
  • Find a photo by browsing through folders or searching by keyword.

Have a Question?

We’re available to assist you with your Marq projects and answer any questions you may have.

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