Our school colors, maroon and gold, are the foundation of our color palette — an enduring link to our rich history and traditions.

Our supporting colors were drawn from around Central Texas. From the green hills and clear waters of San Marcos. From the booming industry, flourishing culture, and bustling fiestas of Austin and San Antonio. From the hidden jewels around our campuses.

Together, our colors represent our community — our students, the new face of Texas.


Our primary colors should be visible in all communications.


Maroon stairs in Old Main against stripe of maroon brand color


PMS: 504
CMYK: 65, 100, 100, 35


Hex: #501214
RGB: 80, 18, 20

Texas State Gold

Gold cymbals in marching band with stripe of gold color


PMS: 872 M
CMYK: 20, 30, 70, 20


Hex: #6A5638
RGB: 172, 145, 85

Theatre Rojo

Gallardia flower with stripe of red color


CMYK: 0, 97, 75, 0


Hex: #CA2A2D
RGB: 235, 46, 71

Strahan Center Court

Basketball coach stands in front of yellow cour and seats with stripe of yellow color


CMYK: 2, 24, 100, 7


Hex: #EBBA45
RGB: 234, 185, 66


Our secondary colors add balance and flexibility to our communications. They should be used to support and complement our primary colors.

Blind Salamander

San Marcos blind salamander with stripe of light pink color


CMYK: 0, 14, 5, 1


Hex: None
RGB: 249, 221, 221

Eat 'Em Up, Peach

Rounded edge of our Theatre Building with stripe of peach color


CMYK: 0, 69, 65, 0


Hex: #DB6450
RGB: 243, 114, 90

Green Hills

Aerial view of campus Cypress trees with stripe of deep green color


CMYK: 71, 8, 100, 50


Hex: None
RGB: 41, 104, 53

Wild Rice Green

Underwater view of Wild Rice with stripe of soft green color


CMYK: 68, 0, 71, 18


Hex: None
RGB: 58, 159, 104

Glass-bottom Boat

Geometrically-patterned tiles with stripe of teal color


CMYK: 48, 8, 34, 20


Hex: #6EA095
RGB: 110, 160, 150

River Jump

Graduate jumping in the crystal-clear San Marcos river with stripe of light blue color


CMYK: 48, 0, 10, 0


Hex: #BFF3FD
RGB: 146, 215, 232

Spring Lake Blue

Scuba divers in Spring Lake with stripe of blue color


CMYK: 100, 47, 26, 4


Hex: #007096
RGB: 0, 111, 152

Color Systems: When to use each

HEX codes are used to create online colors. This ensures consistent color representation across mobile and desktop applications.

RGB is an abbreviation for red, green, and blue. It is a three-color formula used in digital displays such as televisions, computers, video projectors, and multicolor LED displays.

CMYK is an abbreviation for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. It is a four-color process used in digital, laser, and offset printing methods.

PMS stands for “Pantone Matching System.” PMS colors should only be used in offset printing. A printer will refer to the Pantone swatches a designer has chosen to ensure an exact color match.

Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE) files

You can download Adobe swatch files in HEX, CMYK, and RGB to use in Adobe programs. Load these color files to your program to easily access the Texas State color palette.

Download Adobe Swatch Files

Import instructions for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign:

  1. Download the ASE file.
  2. Open your swatches palette by clicking Window > Swatches or Window > Color > Swatches
  3. Click the flyout menu and choose “Load swatches” or “Open Swatch Library/Other Library”
  4. Navigate to the ASE file
  5. Your swatches will open up in a new swatch palette

Using TXST Brand Colors on the Web

Web accessibility means that websites, tools, and technologies are designed and developed so that all people can use them. In Texas State web content, all color combinations must meet the AA standard of 4.5:1 for smaller text and 3:1 for large-sized or bold text. In the Gato editor, section and font color combos are already designed to meet these standards. Please check color contrast when combining colors.

To learn more about digital accessibility, visit TXST's digital accessibility support site.