NEXT IS NOW at Texas State University

NEXT IS NOW at Texas State University

NEXT IS NOW at Texas State University

Texas State University is creating what's NEXT.

Our new campaign highlights how TXST shapes the future.

NEXT is each promising student, inspiring professor, and new graduate, ready to make a difference now and tomorrow.

It is a vision we’re building every day with ingenuity, hard work, and collaboration.

NEXT is a goal, a gift, and a promise.

It’s how we move forward, continuing a legacy built on making a better tomorrow.


And NEXT is NOW.

NEXT Is Not Just a Tagline.

TXST NEXT is a guiding star for a specific awareness campaign to draw attention to what Texas State University is doing to fuel tomorrow’s business, tomorrow’s discoveries, and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Build the Campaign

Does your department have a research project or creative endeavor you’d like to highlight through NEXT? Contact us to discuss.

TXST NEXT Storytelling

While NEXT should be at the heart of all our stories, that doesn’t mean the word “next” needs to be in every headline or paragraph. NEXT is the work Bobcats do today to better each other, our community, and the world.


Make it feel authentic.

San Marcos is the Heart of Texas

Capture the spirit of Texas State.

We don’t wait. We create.

Paint a diverse picture of our Bobcats.

Our students are the face of Texas. They may come from vastly different places, but like Texans, they have a lot in common.

Focus on the real-world relevance of our work.

Researchers at Texas State are turning groundbreaking research into life-changing care, for patients in every community, coast-to-coast.

Make complex topics approachable.

Empowering mothers to save lives

Keep your voice active to carry the feeling of NEXT.



Make NEXT sound like we're waiting for our turn.

Don't say "TXST will be known for our environmental research." We already are.

Use complicated language.

Specialized, technical language can fall flat on general audiences.

Make it feel unnatural or staged.

Don't prod a subject into using the word "NEXT" in their quote: "NEXT is driving me to excel beyond my wildest dreams!"

Tell a story that’s been told a thousand times.

All universities offer a chance to learn. Focus on what makes learning here special.


See how we're using NEXT to tell Texas State's stories.