Brand Collection

Our brand can’t be defined by a simple slogan. Like our incredible students, faculty, and alumni, we’re always finding new ways to share how TXST moves toward our NEXT goals.

step up for state gif
close up of screen print frames with TXST Next designs
person on a city street looks at TXST Next urban posters
An ad in a busy airport says "We don't wait, we create. Next is now."
The words "The Next Conference" appear over colorful shapes
Woman facing away, spreading out a TXST Next towel behind her
Photos of nursing students at the Round Rock Campus collaged together
A portrait of a student is the first slide in a carousel
A collage of the student on campus is the second slide in a carousel
Another portrait of the student with beautiful campus imagery is the last slide in a carousel
An animated TXST Next graphic
Grid of Hillviews magazine covers with the center issue open to a two-page photo of football fans
Close up of "Next is driven" light pole banner
Wide shot of two TXST Next light pole banners
A student lounging and listening to the TXST Next mixtape on their phone
Two hands doing Texas State hand signs have Next temporary tattoos on the inside of their wrists
A poster has photos of students in a greenhouse and a dance studio and a graduate leaping into the river with the words "Nothing will ever be the same."
Illustration of Old Main with TXST Next decorations on the plaza in front of the building
TXST Next airport ads displayed at baggage claim screens
A photo collage of a group of students hiking
Digital sign that says "Next is why you are here. To create a better world." with photos of students
Student displaying their freshly screen printed tote in front of a yellow background
TXST Next gif
Group of people in front of a TXST Next backdrop holding a sign that says "Next es familia"
Two students in front of a colorful mural modeling TXST Next shirts
Postcard about the TXST new ventures program made using a template
Digital graphic advertising virtual event series made with a template
go cats go gif
Brochures about electrical engineering and men's health programs made with templates
TXST Next branded pencils tucked into paper sleeves
Digital graphic about the fall holiday made with a template
Grid layout of posters, flyers, and brochures made using templates
Digital graphic spotlighting a student made with a template