TXST Ipsum

Lorem ipsum is placeholder copy used to help design a project before the final text is ready. We’ve taken the concept and put a Texas State spin on it.


  • Fierce. Relentless. Ready.
  • Ready to pounce?
  • Eat ’Em Up, Cats!
  • No doubt about it!
  • Bobcats leap into action
  • Bobcats thrive in the wild
  • Bobcats in their natural habitat
  • Bobcats pounce on every opportunity

Body copy

The Bobcat is a type of cat with a bobbed tail and an affinity for maroon and gold. Larger than a house cat but smaller than a cougar, it’s amazingly relentless. Bobcats have been known to take out Trojans, Red Wolves, and even larger prey like Longhorns. Bobcats' natural adversaries include Roadrunners and slow-moving trains.

Bobcats wander far and wide and have been spotted across the United States and around the world. You can recognize a Bobcat by its confident swagger, sharp mind, and fiercely determined attitude.

Bobcats love to stop and smell the gaillardias. Though you wouldn’t think it, Bobcats are naturally drawn to the water — especially the cool, clear water of the San Marcos River. If you look closely, you might spot one chatting with an elusive mermaid!

Bobcats are especially skilled at:

  • pouncing on prey
  • musical theatre
  • communication
  • geography
  • teaching
  • engineering
  • healthcare
  • hanging out in trees


  • #1 Bobcats are the most adaptable cats in the U.S.
  • #1 midsize cats in the nation
  • 1st in the nation for fierceness
  • 100% of Bobcats will be magnificent
  • 100% of Bobcats will be employed as predators
  • 95% of Bobcats will go on to graduate studies in stalking and pouncing

Pull quotes

“Don’t be fooled by our tufted ears — we mean business.” – Boko, Texas State Mascot


“Texas State gave me the skills I needed to be the best Bobcat I could be.” — Boko, Texas State Mascot


“Rawrrrrrrr.” – Boko, Texas State Mascot