Our TXST Acronym

T-X-S-T (Find out what it means to us)

Though our name has changed through the years, our commitment to Texas and exceptional education has not. Since 1899, Texas State University — which was known as Southwest Texas State University until 2003 — has been at the forefront of what is next in the region, state, and nation.


We are the only university in the country with this acronym.

Don’t call us TSU.

Other universities, both within and outside of Texas, use TSU as an acronym. Texas State University intentionally goes by TXST because it is a distinctive acronym that truly sets us apart — and communicates that we are of and for the state of Texas.

We are the one and only TXST.

Full Name/First Use:

Texas State University




  • Texas State or TXST may be used on second reference or in headlines
  • Never use TSU
  • Capitalize all letters of TXST (not TxSt)

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