Our brand is our first impression, our personal statement, it’s the image we evoke and the impression we leave. Our writing should be true to our brand. Make it active. Make it personal. Texas State means academic excellence, meaningful research, and an open, supportive community.

Voice and Tone

Individual sitting at a desk writing an article under a lamp.

Our voice is our core personality. It's who we are and the ideals we strive to embody. Our voice doesn't change.

Our tone is more like our mood. It can change to suit our audience, our message, or a situation, but still be rooted in our voice. Our voice is the cake. Our tone is the icing and decoration.

Our voice is personal, plainspoken, empathetic, and optimistic. It's confident, talented, and focused on the future.


Our Students Are the Face of Texas.

They may come from vastly different places, but like Texans, they have a lot in common. They're driven, they're hopeful, and authentically, unapologetically, themselves.

Academics that Drive You

With nearly 100 degree options to explore, you will find one that fuels your ambition.

NEXT Level Research

Rigorous observation. Innovative investigation. Creating solutions for the next great opportunity.

We Know Transfers.

For generations, Texas State has been a top destination in Texas for transfer students because we’re great at helping people find their next steps, academically and professionally.

San Marcos Is the Heart of Texas.

San Marcos has the freedom and excitement of the city, with a cozy neighborhood vibe.

We're Here for You.

Our culture is built on making sure you find the support you need when challenges come. Whether you’re struggling with a difficult class, coping with a personal crisis, or you need help finding your path after graduation, we will stand with you at every step of your college experience.

Respect. Strength. Community.

Texas State alums live and work in every corner of this great state — leading communities, starting businesses, teaching, caring for, and guiding the next generation of Bobcats.

NEXT is now at the McCoy College of Business.

Texas State University students get real-world experience managing real investments.

Best Practices

Know your audience and your medium.

Are your readers teenagers or seasoned professionals? Are you writing a brochure for a doctoral program or a tweet promoting a social event? Adjust your tone to suit your audience and your medium.

Keep your message clear and concise.

You’re competing with the busyness of daily life for your readers’ attention. Respect their time, and keep your writing short and to the point.

Use everyday language.

Avoid specialized terms and acronyms that your audience may not understand. Using an appropriate vocabulary ensures readers can understand your message.

Know what you want your audience to do.

Whether it’s applying for admission, requesting more information, or registering for an event, give your readers a clear call to action.

Keep it personal.

Use "you" and "your" to relate to your readers and keep them engaged.

Let Bobcats tell their stories.

Use their voices — students, alumni, faculty, and staff — to support your central message.

Back up your message with facts.

Use relevant points of pride, statistics, or rankings to support your message.


To maintain a strong TXST voice, publications should use consistent terminology, punctuation, abbreviations, and other elements of style. Please refer to the Editorial Style Guide for specific guidelines.

Spanish and Other Languages

To communicate effectively with our audience, it's important for us to use Spanish in our communications — especially when we're talking to prospective and current students and their families.

Translation services

If you need assistance translating your materials into Spanish or other languages, you can search for an approved vendor or work with a freelance translator of your choosing.

Facts and Rankings

We encourage you to use relevant facts and rankings to support your message. You can find key information and points of pride about Texas State on our Facts and Data page and our Rankings and Accolades page.

Statements and Inclusions

Texas State publications should include brief statements that address our commitment to equal opportunity, access, and accommodations, as well as our membership in The Texas State University System.

University Policy

UPPS 06.05.01: Guidelines for Publications