Trademarks and Licensing

Texas State University logos and key phrases are trademarked and are available for use by university divisions, departments and units, university-sanctioned sports, spirit and student organizations, licensed vendors, and approved sponsors. The object of licensing is to protect and promote the use of the Texas State name, logos, and trademarks.

University logos are registered with the Patent and Trademark Office of the United States and the state of Texas, and logos should always include the federal registration marks.


All trademarked logos can be found on the Texas State University Logo Sheet.

TXST Bobcats logo on a maroon mug

Trademarked Phrases

In addition to logos, Texas State has trademarked the following key phrases:

  • Bobcat Club (TM)
  • Bobcats (TM)
  • Eat ’Em Up, Cats (TM)
  • Strutters (TM)
  • SuperCat (TM)
  • SWT (TM)
  • Texas State (TM)
  • Texas State Bobcats (TM)
  • Texas State University (R)
  • TX State (TM)
  • TXST (R)

Licensed Vendors

A licensed vendor must be used to produce Texas State merchandise.