TXST Athletic Logo

The TXST Logo is a way to represent Texas State's unique spirit and pride.


The logo is a registered service mark.

TXST Primary Logo

TXST Banner Logos

  • The TXST Banner logos may not be substituted for the Texas State University Primary Logo.
  • TXST Banner logos should be used for audiences who are not familiar with Texas State.
  • The logo is a registered service mark.
TXST Bobcats banner
TXST Texas State Supercat banner
TXST Texas State banner

Alternate Colors 

  • Multiple approved color options are available.
  • You must make sure background colors or photos provide enough contrast with logos.
TXST two-color logo
TXST gold logo
TXST black logo
TXST maroon logo


Minimum size

  • The logos must be at least 1.5 inches wide.

Clear space 

  • Use .25 inches of clear space when your logo is 1.5 inches to 2.5 inches wide.
  • Use 1/3 the height of the logo when your logo is larger than 2.5 inches.

System statement artwork

  • The system statement artwork is not required on pieces using only a TXST logo.

Clear Space

TXST logo with .25 inch clear space
Clear space inches
TXST logo with one-third the height of the logo clear space
Clear space x-height

Unapproved Logo Styles and Usages

Any variation or alteration of the registered trademark is strictly prohibited by law.

TXST logo with a drop shadow
Don't add drop shadows.
TXST logo with a "Mathematics" banner
Don't create your own banners.
A blue TXST logo
Don't use unapproved colors.
A TXST logo with a camouflage pattern
Don't add patterns to the logo.
A TXST logo with no white fill
Don't make the white fill transparent.
A TXST logo with the bevel missing
Don't modify or remove elements of the logo.
A stretched TXST logo
Don't resize without maintaining proportions.

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